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Boost employee engagement in your company

Using IntraBLOX, companies can engage, inform, connect and empower their employees in order to increase productivity and happiness.

IntraBLOX gives content managers complete control over the content and behavior of the platform without any IT intervention.

Recognize these challenges?

Scattered information?
It's sometimes difficult to find the right information when it’s needed.

Non-integrated apps or functionalities?
You lose efficiency because of the constant switching between apps and windows.

Hard to track something?
There's a lack of business and operational insights, making it more difficult or even impossible to track progress towards goals and key objectives.

Lack of communication?
Communication scattered over different channels, leaving you with a diminished feeling of connectivity and engagement.

Solve Challenges with IntraBLOX

If you struggle with at least one of the challenges above, you’ll benefit from a modern intranet. An intranet makes your business run more efficiently, helps you better address the needs of an evolving workforce and drive consistency in service delivery for employees across the world.

Experienced with proven results across industries

Fortune 100 manuacturer

Reduced asset time to market from 6 hours to minutes.

Leading hospitality group

Delivered centralized content to 70 channels.

Top retailer

Developed auto-tagging for a $1.3 billion retailer.

IntraBLOX is an accelerator for improving employee experience with a complete feature list:

  • Alerts
  • News & Events
  • Powerful search
  • Who is who
  • Microsoft 365 integration
  • Information & FAQ
  • Self-service forms
  • Employee blogs
  • Cafeteria menu
  • Personalization
  • Q&A forum
  • Media & Documents
  • Birthdays
  • Vacancies
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ACA Group's goal is not only to just go above and beyond to achieve the highest possible quality, but to help people access the full potential of their future. We see our place in the world as one in which we inspire and accelerate sustainable growth worldwide by empowering people through innovation, technology and knowledge.


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