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Rapid Development Tool for Liferay DXP

Adding custom capabilities to Liferay DXP is no more an exorbitant undertaking.

Armantec presents ARAD Studio, an accelerator for fast-track code development and quick generation of custom Liferay widgets and microservices.


As expectations for the consumer experience continues to rise, organizations need to produce the high-quality content needed to win and retain business while generating the quantity of content required to build personalized omnichannel experiences.

To solve this challenge, Liferay has revolutionized the way brands deliver innovative customer experiences at scale with Liferay Marketplace™. This single, integrated solution unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management.

Are you interested in implementing Liferay Marketplace™ but need the solution up and running in a fraction of the time? As a Platinum Liferay Marketplace™ Partner with Content Hub specializations in North America and EMEA, we developed Liferay Marketplace™ Advantage by EPAM.

Turbo charge custom development of microservices
for Liferay DXP 

Single page interface for modeling and management of custom data objects, collections, custom forms, validations, relations, and external integrations through a JSON API makes ARAD Studio the simplest tool for Liferay enhancement.

Feature List

Full-stack Integrated Development

(Frontend + Backend + Database)


Centralized Directory
of Business Objects

Developed auto-tagging for a $1.3 billion retailer.
  1. Full-stack integrated development (frontend + backend + database)
  2. Centralized directory of reusable business objects
  3. Fully QA/QC passed
  4. Compatible with CI/CD
  5. Build & deploy microservices on the browser
  6. Liferay Developer Studio compatible

Easier & Faster to Market

  1. Extension of Liferay Developer Studio (pre-implemented services and integrated portlets)
  2. DXP Developer Tool (Productivity, Plugin 2)
  3. Easiest way to manage custom objects and generating code for business objects and features for DXP
  4. Build more and faster on Liferay
  5. Engage more users/reduce user turnover
  6. Validate your hypothesis on Liferay (+ ARAD Studio)

Company Profile

Armantec Systems is a Liferay boutique firm building enterprise grade portals and other line of business applications using our ARAD Studio. We help customers reduce Liferay DXP TCO by increasing development efficiency up to 1000%.

We are a group of engineers with a combined experience of over 100 man years in Liferay. We have experience working with tech/non-tech start-ups and industries such as aviation, physical/social/cyber security, healthcare, government, education, and e-Commerce.


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