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Cross-Platform Content Management, Collaboration for Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

makeSEA is the fastest way to organize and share your content as if you are together with your audience in real life and keep it fresh, using next-generation virtual and augmented reality technology.


makeSEA lets your business use AR/VR (XR) technology for selling, training and influencing like no other medium can, and features tools for creating live and prerecorded product demos, lessons, exhibits, custom apps and more, with no/low-code publishing, using content that is relevant to your audience.

makeSEA reduces application creation and update effort by 10x-100x as compared to traditional XR publishing tools. It enables co-presence, remote hands support, geo-referenced inspection and audits, parts order and repair, and other universal workflows in AR and VR that apply to most any business and discipline.

How will you innovate using XR?
Get there faster with transformative results using makeSEA.

Company Profile

makeSEA - a subsidiary of Omegabit -  is built under OEM agreement with Liferay. We provide content management and collaboration tools for AR/VR, built on top of Liferay and other technologies.

Omegabit is the longest operating Certified Liferay Hosting Partner and DXP (Enterprise Edition) reseller, serving Liferay clients since 2008. Omegabit is a full-service managed hosting provider specializing in Liferay runtime operations, optimization and support. We are a privately held company offering boutique-quality service with a global presence.

Omegabit is the only dedicated Liferay hosting services provider offering comprehensive, Liferay-aware managed services, monitoring and support at all layers of the system. We specialize in Liferay and enterprise software architecture, portal development, and integration.

Our seasoned staff has a deep background of relevant experience in .com, enterprise portal and Liferay infrastructure projects of all shapes and sizes.


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+1 800-803-1050

Live Collaboration in Mixed Reality

Reduced asset time to market from 6 hours to minutes.
Delivered centralized content to 70 channels.

Top retailer

Developed auto-tagging for a $1.3 billion retailer.

The best and fastest way to share your ideas, content & vision in VR/AR: 

  • Multi-user Interaction with AR/VR Content as if Together in One Location
  • Blend Real-world and Digital Content
  • Works with AR/VR, Mobile, and Desktop Devices
  • Secure Sharing and Real-time AR/VR Collaboration
  • Private, Team, and Public Sharing
  • Peer, Master of Ceremonies, Large Audience, and Broadcast Modes
  • Layout and Save Experiences in Mixed Reality
  • Shared whiteboards with document markup, save for Web, and retrieval
  • QR Code Scene Triggering (for AR)​
  • Share 3D Content at Any Scale Including Digital Models and Real-world Digital Twins Capture and Display
  • Visualize PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, 2D, Stereo, 360 Surround Video Assets at Any Scale Visual Anchors, Real-world Proximity and Multi-user Positional Synchronization
  • Stepped Lesson Instructions (factory floor repair, XR parts order workflow)
  • See-you-see-me AKA Remote Hands Support
  • B2B Commerce Integration
  • Enterprise Data Systems and IOT integration ready
  • Realtime Performance Metrics Visualization
  • Occlusion and Clipped Occlusion for "X-Ray" Vision
  • Hand Gestures and Haptics
  • Supports Most 3D and 2D Content Sources
  • Eye Tracking Interaction Controls
  • Variable Scale 2D Screens and 360º Sky Surround Sharing of Prerecorded and Livestream Video
  • Follow-me (to Unlisted Spaces)
  • Dynamic Over the Air Scene and Content Updates
  • Live and Prerecorded Experiences
  • Build Projects that Survive and Thrive as Methods and Technologies Evolve
  • Native Support for Device-specific Features and Controls
  • Fully Customizable and Embeddable Publishing and Mixed Reality Client Framework for use in Custom Applications

Company Profile

makeSea - Founded in 2014, makeSEA offers professional grade tools for spatial computing and 3D content management for business and educational institutions. Enabling augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (XR), and spatial computing for everyday use. We continue to support independent designers with a place to store, track, share and evolve their designs. We now provide content management and delivery for Magic Leap spatial computing that offers all the functionality of the original 3D design repository, such as staging, versioning and permissions control.


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