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Early warning framework for compliance-driven industries

CONTAIN is a digital framework that brings the best benefits of digital solutions – speed, flexibility and power – to compliance-driven industries like manufacturing, hi-tech and healthcare. The framework quickly, clearly and automatically identifies, manages and documents nonconformities, allowing companies to mitigate risk. 

The CONTAIN framework improves quality through pre-emptive measures. The solution provides mechanisms for defect containment, alerts for immediate action and built-in levers that significantly reduce product recalls.

Companies can assess constructive and actionable insights to drive increased compliance, appraise all actions and identify common culprits and overachievers.


This digital framework provides tangible value to companies. The quality of products and services improves by utilizing valuable insights from 15 reports and analytics dashboards. The detailed event analysis gives companies the fast and accurate information they need to drive swift preemptive measures, reducing non-conformity by up to 25%.

The framework is cloud-based, available from multiple locations and allows companies to scale when needed. CONTAIN only requires a 3-week roll-out commitment and includes product training at no additional cost.


The intelligent Open Source Search Engine

OpenK9, thanks to its open architecture, offers a set of powerful features to build your own customized search system.

Our modern and scalable architecture provides a pipeline for data ingestion, enrichment and indexing. Every part of the pipeline can easily scale to handle massive amount of data.

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Improve quality through Contain:



Use the early warning mechanism for containment and immediate action


Built-in protections that significantly reduce product recalls with timely actions


Constructive and actionable insights into incidents that promote increased compliance


Dashboards to quickly identify common culprits and over achievers

Feature List:

Issue Management 
  • Identify the quality issues
  • Document/report the issue
  • Evaluate/review the issue
  • Segregate the nonconforming material
  • Investigate the nonconforming material 
  • Dispose of nonconforming material

  • Defect statement and code
  • Products and lot/batch number and quantity
  • Occurrence date
  • Reported date
  • Reported by
  • Location
  • NC owner and others (i.e., Root-Cause-Analysis, Corrections, and Corrective Actions)

Partner Management 
  • Involve supplier teams
  • Granular permissions management 
  • Collaborative workflows
  • Faster decisions

  • Secure platform
  • Role-based access management 
  • Customizable workflows, granular access management for security safeguards 
  • Multilingual support
  • Status reports, dashboards and digitized cockpit to make real-time status accessible to corporate management
  • Ability to integrate with IoT devices for smart monitoring

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