Accelerator for Professional Associations and Councils

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Accelerator for Professional Associations and Councils

Engage your professional associations and councils with a beautiful solution to advertise services, communicate accreditation and grow member engagement.

The unique solution provides a powerful and valuable approach for your service providers and local chapters to have their own portal and publicly branded websites whilst leveraging the common needs for community management, training delivery and collaboration to better work together.

Jumpstart your solution

Jumpstart the creation of a professional association solution using our solution package, then further tailor according to your needs with our service team’s years of expertise.
World Coffee Association Case Study

Empower your partner organizations

We enable chapters to create and manage their own personalized environment, with their own content, communities, and courses. At the same time, we allow them to safely work together with the broader association to achieve common goals.

We believe in the power of collaboration - it promotes new ideas, richer content and removes duplication.

All association chapters benefit when they are working together!

Position your association and councils at the forefront of customer experience



Enable each chapter to control their branding with their own domain and embed different features in their solution.


Access core technology often out of bounds for associations such as a full
Identity Provider solution, SSO, Mail Delivery, Chat, training platform etc.


Enable your association and chapters to offer training and accreditation
services to their members.

Community Management and Subscriptions

Enable service providers to charge
membership subscriptions and sell training and certifications.

A full service platform that:

  1. Provides a safe place for community engagement.
    • Dashboard aggregating organization and community feeds, notifications,
      discussion boards and chats.
    • Global search for courses, communities, people, and files
    • Secure portal to integrate all your apps
    • Profiles - Full and granular  control of your profile visibility for peace of mind and privacy
  2. Equips and empowers your members, partners and communities.
    • Fully featured Community based Learning Management Solution
    • Learning Paths, Course catalog, course activities, blended learning and reporting.
    • Shared learning content marketplace
  3. Helps you tell your stories, inspire your partners, and facilitate collaboration
    • Posts and Timelines to share your story.
    •  Community registration and administration tools to simplify onboarding.
    • Newsletter subscriptions and bulk emailer integration for advertising.
  4. Enables efficient associations and councils
    • Organization structure administration tools to define your network and assign chapter & community leaders.
    • Consent management tools to enable compliance to privacy and community rules.
    • Define granular organization security standards, bandwidth, and storage constraints.
    • Opensource identity access management and two factor authentication.
    • White labelling / multi-domain for association chapters

Company Profile

Khalibre was incorporated in 2010 in Singapore. We are trusted provider for organizations with a presence in more than 60 countries around the world.


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