Portal Framework for Verticals & Digital Workplaces

Experience Management
Content Management & Operations
Personalization and Segmentation
Navigation and Discovery
Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing
Experience Management
Content Management & Operations
Personalization and Segmentation
Navigation and Discovery
Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

Modern and agile user experiences for a digital world

Base22 presents an accelerator framework of UX components, process workflows, and integration patterns that can be installed in Liferay DXP, integrated into your existing systems, and configured to specific portal use cases delivering highly personalized experiences.


As expectations for the consumer experience continues to rise, organizations need to produce the high-quality content needed to win and retain business while generating the quantity of content required to build personalized omnichannel experiences.

To solve this challenge, Liferay has revolutionized the way brands deliver innovative customer experiences at scale with Liferay Marketplace™. This single, integrated solution unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management.

Are you interested in implementing Liferay Marketplace™ but need the solution up and running in a fraction of the time? As a Platinum Liferay Marketplace™ Partner with Content Hub specializations in North America and EMEA, we developed Liferay Marketplace™ Advantage by EPAM.

Design at the Speed of Decisions  ​

Implement in Months, not Years​

Organizations are under significant pressure to meet rising consumer expectations, which requires creating new content frequently. This challenge is accompanied by high costs in content production, inefficiencies around collaboration, poor visibility into workflows and tracking, limited analytics of digital asset performance, and most importantly, a slow time to market.

Design at the speed of decisions; Implement in months, not years​



Compose truly customer-centric dialogs across any device. Combine content, data, and functionality from different underlying systems into a user process-centric presentation layer.



Our components are based on modern JS frameworks. With lightweight REST frameworks, we enable you to integrate into underlying back-office systems.


Fast Adoption

Our solution enables fast adoption by business content creators and authors who want ease of use. It includes a design system for enterprises suited to enterprise adoption.

Foster Autonomy

Grants wide autonomy to business teams thanks to dedicated UIs, advanced editing features, simple contributing, personalization
 configuration, and templates development.


  • On-premises or Cloud 
  • Headless delivery approach
  • User-tested Information Architecture models supporting millions of users
  • Embedded design system for enterprise DX
  • Rules-based and A/I based personalization
  • Designed to enable authors and governance
  • Ensured adoption with Change Management
  • Built for large and small organizations
  • Enterprise security and Accessibility compliant


  • Decrease time to market by 40%
  • No license costs
  • Less time required to plan and implement
  • Less time to launch new digital experiences
  • Integrated into DXP with no upgrade impacts
  • Works with existing systems like ERPs
  • Can be used across multiple applications on the same platform

Portal Accelerators

Our unique accelerators are designed to deliver dynamic personalized user experiences in Employee Intranets projects and multiple industry solutions. These accelerators are part of our Base22 Portal Blueprint, a framework to inject agility and avoid costly pitfalls at every stage of Digital Transformation.


Predefined prototypes that can be used as the basis of the information architecture design


Information Architecture

A tested organization scheme and content structure for findability and scaling


Design System

A predefined design system that is integrated with DevOps lifecycle


JavaScript-based user experience component code per the design system



REST integration software pre-connected to the UX components


Content Migration

Tools to help extract, clean, enhance and establish a formal content lifecycle management process

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For over a decade, Base22 has supported organizations around the world in their Digital Transformation journey. We have helped them to think and act Digital-First, to reengineer business processes, and to drive change by leveraging our smaller firm agility.

Our core belief is that Digital Transformation is more about people than technology. We know how to blend our experience to get things done efficiently and effectively – it’s our secret sauce!


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