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The procurement platform that connects the complete data flow of suppliers, bidding, negotiation and orders


The e-Procurement System (ePM) is a complete system solution for Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) which integrates communication and collaboration between buyers and suppliers. The original mail/phone/fax based business process is transferred to the supplier portal for information storage and communication in electronic form.  

This B2B procurement platform covers processing from supplier selection to sourcing, and then to electronic order processing, procurement process standardization and transparency, and helps to improve management performance and risk monitoring. It maintains the stability of the supply chain system, and improves the supply of equipment, materials and labor services required.  

The inclusion of the suppliers' cooperation can reduce the processing burden on the procurement personnel, and the first level of inspection on the data surface can be carried out according to the system SOP.

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  • Main procurement functions  
    • Supplier life cycle management  (Supplier registration, supplier audit, supplier change application, supplier evaluation and grade, supplier performance management, supplier supply ratio management, supplier elimination)
    • Requisition operation  (Requisition application, requisition dispatch, requisition review, requisition purchase tracking, budget management)
    • Sourcing cooperation  (Procurement compilation and revision filing, procurement case assignment, online bidding, qualification review, bid evaluation, consultation and negotiation, abnormal handling of objections, online bid opening (bid opening hall), ranking of suggestions, bid decision, contract output)
    • Purchase order coordination (Order entry, order confirmation, delivery plan, supplier delivery notice, receipt and return inquiry, invoice opening notice, accounting status, consignment inventory inquiry, logistics acceptance APP)
    • Material management (Supplier material management, supplier material cooperation, material quality audit, commodity database)
  • System platform functions
    • Query statistical analysis (Purchase requisition schedule, procurement contractor dashboard, review committee dashboard, buyer performance table, supplier purchase amount ranking, price trend analysis, comprehensive report )
    • File library management (Announcement documents, requisition documents, tender documents, supplier qualification documents, full text search)
    • System management (System announcement, organization account management, user authentication, permission group management, user operation record, signing and verification process management)
    • Application collaboration (Enterprise calendar integration, online notification including email, online discussion area)
  • Bonus expansion functions
    • ​​​​​​​Contract management (Contract template, contract generation, contract filing, contract tracking)
    • Bottom price operation
    • Decryption of bid documents
    • Other search sources (Bidding module, competitive negotiation)
    • Electronic kanban
    • Questionnaire management

Company Profile

FansySoft is based on Java technology and adopts a mature Open Source system for system design and module development, system construction, and project program development. Good at using related system architectures such as Java EE . Provide software as a service (SaaS) technical support in the cloud service industry chain.

FansySoft's mission is to become a leading consulting, technology and outsourcing service company in the information industry with the concept of "local technical services, global R&D support", and the most competitive software technology, to provide local information technology services, to help improve Taiwan's strength in software.


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