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Infosys Limited
Analytics and Optimization
Infosys Portal is a set of pre-built site and suite of reusable production-ready components developed on top of Liferay stack which offers reusable and flexible templates, themes and various solution components to accelerate solution development. Infosys Portal enables Liferay developers to accelerate the solution development using production ready components and reduce time to market with high quality deliverable. Infosys Portal has pre-built site, web content structures, pre-integrated collaboration features for quicker time-to-market with increased developer productivity.

Fully featured Infosys Portal has following components:
1. Responsive Bootstrap-enabled Portal theme
2. Prebuilt Site with Login, Welcome, Solutions, Services, Products, Support, Blog, FAQ, Contact, News, About pages
3. Application Display templates
4. Configurable Auto Hide Navigation Menu
5. Enhanced multi-step workflow
6. Ready to use 13 custom page layouts
7. Ready to use 10 Custom Structures and Templates
8. Bootstrap home page Carousal
9. Offers pre-integrated chat and Google Web Analytics Module
10. Home page Tiles
11. Footer simple
12. Footer Social
13. Graph Bar
14. Graph Pie
15. web analytics integration

The free edition of Infosys Portal contains basis features needed for developing the site.
Liferay community can benefit from Infosys Portal in following ways:
• Reuse existing components to quickly build the solution. Reduce development and testing effort by reusing Portal components
• Accelerate the solution development with high quality and reduced time to market
• Leverage contemporary and forward-looking UI

More Details ( https://www.infosys.com/digital/insights/Documents/iportal-solution.pdf)
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    Release Summary and Release Notes
    Version Change Log Supported Framework Versions Date Added
    1.0 Updated Title and Description
    Liferay Portal 6.2 CE GA6+
    Liferay Portal 6.2 EE GA1+
    Infosys is a global leader in consulting, technology, outsourcing and next-generation services. We enable clients, in more than 50 countries, to stay a step ahead of emerging business trends and outperform the competition. We help them transform and thrive in a changing world by co-creating breakthrough solutions that combine strategic insights and execution excellence. Visit www.infosys.com to see how Infosys (NYSE: INFY), with US$8.25 B in annual revenues and 165,000+ employees, is helping enterprises renew themselves while also creating new avenues to generate value.
    Infosys Limited
    Published Date
    September 09, 2016
    Supported Versions
    EE, CE
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    Installation Instructions

    This is a Legacy App that is no longer available in the new App Marketplace. You are able to acquire it from your installed DXP or CE instance and install it by following the instructions below.

    Acquiring this App through the legacy Liferay Portal Store

    1. Review app documentation for any specific installation instructions.
    2. Login to your Liferay Portal instance with administrative permissions.
    3. Navigate to the Control Panel, Marketplace (or Apps for 7.3 and prior), then Store.
    4. If needed, login to your Liferay.com account by choosing Sign In.
    5. Search for the app name in the Search dialog.
    6. Once the app is found, click on the app in the search results.
    7. On the app details page, choose to acquire the app by selecting the Free, Buy, or Trial button.
    8. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the acquisition.

    Installing this App through legacy Liferay Portal Purchased Apps

    1. After acquiring the app, login to your Liferay Portal instance with administrative permissions.
    2. Navigate to the Control Panel, Marketplace (or Apps for 7.3 and prior), then Purchased.
    3. If needed, login to your Liferay.com account by choosing Sign In.
    4. Click the Install button to install your app on your Liferay Portal instance.

    See the legacy App Marketplace help documentation for more information.