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Liferay, Inc.
Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing
The Bookmarks app adds a widget that can be used to list and organize bookmarks. Placing the Bookmarks widget on a site page lets administrators curate bookmarks of interest for the entire community. The widget can bookmark internal portal pages as well as external URLs.
After installing this app, you can access the Bookmarks widget from the Widgets menu.
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Release Summary and Release Notes
Version Change Log Supported Framework Versions Date Added
2.0.0 [[trimmed]]PS-81171 LPS-81192 LPS-81312 LPS-81404 LPS-81407 LPS-81438 LPS-81446 LPS-81704 LPS-81706 LPS-81723 LPS-81947 LPS-82015 LPS-82021/LPS-82022 LPS-82128 LPS-82261 LPS-82343 LPS-82446 LPS-82462 LPS-82511 LPS-82572 LPS-82668 LPS-82827 LPS-82828 LPS-83241 LPS-83298 LPS-83432 LPS-83705 LPS-84090 LPS-84119 LPS-84377 LPS-84399 LPS-84665 LPS-85103 LPS-85296 LPS-85849 LPS-85850 LPS-86406 LPS-86408 LPS-86413 LPS-86461 LPS-86691 LPS-86796 LPS-86806 LPS-87433 LPS-87590 LPS-87885 LPS-88170 LPS-88181 LPS-88217 LPS-88218 LPS-88361 LPS-88490 LPS-88665 LPS-88823 LPS-89445 LPS-89456 LPS-89457 LPS-89568 LPS-90008 LPS-90523 LPS-91078 LPS-91343 LPS-91970 LPS-92099 LPS-92302 LPS-92511 LPS-93008 LPS-93364 LPS-93645 LPS-93665 LPS-93718 LPS-93905 LPS-94049 LPS-94075 LPS-94217 LPS-94524 LPS-94555 LPS-95096 LPS-95413 LPS-95555 LPS-96018 LPS-96252 LPS-96376 LPS-96521 LPS-96589 LPS-96830 LPS-97094 LPS-97127 LPS-97169 LPS-97219 LPS-98088 LPS-98426 LPS-98877 LPS-98879 LPS-99252 LPS-99390 LPS-99657 LPS-99807 LRDOCS-6300
Liferay CE Portal 7.2 GA2+
Liferay CE Portal 7.1 GA2+
Liferay Inc., was founded in 2004 in response to growing demand for Liferay Portal, the market's leading independent portal product that was garnering industry acclaim and adoption across the world. Today, Liferay Inc. houses a professional services group that provides training, consulting and enterprise support services to our clientele in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific. It also houses a core development team that steers product development. Liferay is a leader in the industry. This is primarily due to the ongoing dedication of our employees. We have prided ourselves on establishing an organization that is well respected in our industry. Liferay has been committed to providing a work environment that supports the dignity of people while encouraging creativity and excellence.
Liferay, Inc.
Published Date
November 19, 2019
Supported Versions
7.2, 7.1
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Installation Instructions

This is a Legacy App that is no longer available in the new App Marketplace. You are able to acquire it from your installed DXP or CE instance and install it by following the instructions below.

Acquiring this App through the legacy Liferay Portal Store

  1. Review app documentation for any specific installation instructions.
  2. Login to your Liferay Portal instance with administrative permissions.
  3. Navigate to the Control Panel, Marketplace (or Apps for 7.3 and prior), then Store.
  4. If needed, login to your Liferay.com account by choosing Sign In.
  5. Search for the app name in the Search dialog.
  6. Once the app is found, click on the app in the search results.
  7. On the app details page, choose to acquire the app by selecting the Free, Buy, or Trial button.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the acquisition.

Installing this App through legacy Liferay Portal Purchased Apps

  1. After acquiring the app, login to your Liferay Portal instance with administrative permissions.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel, Marketplace (or Apps for 7.3 and prior), then Purchased.
  3. If needed, login to your Liferay.com account by choosing Sign In.
  4. Click the Install button to install your app on your Liferay Portal instance.

See the legacy App Marketplace help documentation for more information.