Insurance Agent Portal Accelerator

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Navigation and Discovery
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Customer Data Management
Data Modeling & Business Logic
Extensibility and Integration

Streamlined experiences for agent success

Increase productivity with an intuitive agent portal solution built on Liferay. Enable agents, brokers, and partners to share and collect data to deliver personalized quotes and increased operational efficiency through a consolidated location.

Jumpstart Your Solution

Liferay helps you jumpstart the creation of an agent portal solution with our Agent Portal Service Provider Package, then further tailor according to your needs with our Global Services team’s years of expertise.

Reclaim Lost Profit Margins


Streamline Workflows

Increase producer distribution efficiency with streamlined policy application and administration workflows. 

Digitalize the Producer Experience

Drive adoption and usage of digital tools with a modern and intuitive producer experience. 

Reduce Application Complexity

Reduce upfront complexity with simplified forms and applications, and see everything in one place on a unified dashboard with relevant KPIs for agents.

Accelerate Existing Channels and Retain Competitive Edge


Manage Multiple Insurance Lines

Effectively manage multiple insurance lines and books of businesses with a contextualized dashboard and policy administration analytics and data.

Easily Cross-sell and Upsell

Easily identify cross-sell/upsell opportunities with real-time notifications and in-context analytics. 

Find Revenue Expansion Opportunities

Quickly understand opportunities for revenue expansion with integrations back to other core insurance platforms that support functions like underwriting and risk/ratings.

Position Your Agents to be the Future of Customer Experience

Equip Agents:
Give agents the information and data they need to work alongside carriers effectively.

Get In-Context Analytics and KPIs:
In-context agent and producer analytics and KPIs help agents quickly see actions to take for applications, claims, and policies at a glance.

Maintain and Grow Partnerships:
Maintain long-term distribution partnership by improving communication channels with your agents.

Reduce Cost of Supporting Partners:
Consolidated access to insurer’s marketing materials, information, and help through tools like a live chat, reduce the cost of supporting your partners.

Company Profile

Liferay helps organizations meet their unique challenges by creating innovative, customer-centered experiences on our cloud-powered digital experience platform (DXP). Our platform is open source, which makes it more reliable and secure. Over a thousand organizations in financial services, insurance, manufacturing, healthcare and government use Liferay worldwide.

Our goal is to help companies reach their full potential to serve others, and we try to leave a positive mark on the world through our business and technology.

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