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Liferay plugin as a tool to manage meetings and action items. Action items are assigned to self when created and it can be assigned to any other person withing organization. Action items are loke To-Do list for an individual that he/she wants to maintain as work to be done. Other features are:

Action Items

1. Assign action item
2. Group action item
3. Share action item
4. Export action items in pdf / excel
5. Reminder on action item
6. Time binding with action items
7. Action item status and priority setup.
8. Rich text editor for detailing of action item
9. Comment transaction on every action item with assignee
10. Simple and single page module with all these features

1. Create meeting
2. Add participants to a meeting
3. Add action items discussed in a meeting
4. Add meeting note
5. Assign action items to anyone within organization
Liferay is trademark of Liferay, Inc., Liferay International Limited and/or Liferay Affiliate, registered in the United States and/or other countries.
  • 1 standard instance, perpetual: 100 USD
  • 2 standard instance, perpetual: 150 USD
  • 3 standard instance, perpetual: 200 USD
For pricing specific to your country/currency, please follow the installation instructions below for accessing and purchasing this app through your Control Panel.
Release Summary and Release Notes
Version Change Log Supported Framework Versions Date Added
Liferay Portal 6.2 CE GA6+
Armantec Systems is a professional services company that drives digital transformation in business operations of its customers via different technology model geared towards digital era. Our industry-driven approach helps customers build and run more efficient and cost-effective digital business. We do so by having the ability to conceptualize, architect and implement new technology based innovations that transform their current operations. We are based out of Indian capital Delhi NCR, serving domestic & international clients. With our partner driven strategy we not only deliver SMART technology based solutions that address your current pain points, but also provide business consulting that help you to maximize your return on investment and protect your Organization. We have extensive field expertise in building and implementing enterprise solutions. Our expertise spans the entire solutions life cycle of the applications development value chain including technology visioning, architecture, development, integration, deployment, maintenance and support. With our proprietary Rapid Application Development Engine (RAD Engine), we eliminate the pain points & challenges typically faced in traditional application development. This offers Automation of current coding practice by 50 to 70% , Standardization of application development pattern and coding conventions, drastic improvement of productivity of development team, Adaptability of any design pattern and no restriction of programming language. This ensures our clients get to go for OPEX optimisation. No Project over-run in terms of Time, which in turn would lead to great Customer Satisfaction & last but not the least very cost effective. Armantec Systems has been offering custom based enterprise solution on Liferay platform for more than 11+ years & inhouse expertise on Liferay platform includes Offering of CaaS (Code as a Service) for Liferay DXP customers on versions 6.2X,7.2X,7.3X We have been serving clients from all verticals including OEMs, Airlines, Chip Makers, Banking, Govt Agencies, Automobile, Knowledge Intensive Verticals, Security etc. globally to small SMBs as well, which testifies our capabilities.
Armantec Systems Pvt. Ltd.
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July 02, 2019
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Installation Instructions

This is a Legacy App that is no longer available in the new App Marketplace. You are able to acquire it from your installed DXP or CE instance and install it by following the instructions below.

Acquiring this App through the legacy Liferay Portal Store

  1. Review app documentation for any specific installation instructions.
  2. Login to your Liferay Portal instance with administrative permissions.
  3. Navigate to the Control Panel, Marketplace (or Apps for 7.3 and prior), then Store.
  4. If needed, login to your Liferay.com account by choosing Sign In.
  5. Search for the app name in the Search dialog.
  6. Once the app is found, click on the app in the search results.
  7. On the app details page, choose to acquire the app by selecting the Free, Buy, or Trial button.
  8. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the acquisition.

Installing this App through legacy Liferay Portal Purchased Apps

  1. After acquiring the app, login to your Liferay Portal instance with administrative permissions.
  2. Navigate to the Control Panel, Marketplace (or Apps for 7.3 and prior), then Purchased.
  3. If needed, login to your Liferay.com account by choosing Sign In.
  4. Click the Install button to install your app on your Liferay Portal instance.

See the legacy App Marketplace help documentation for more information.