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Improving agent performance is a top contact center goal

  • Identify who requires coaching and on what topic
  • Choose the effective coaching method per agent
  • Evaluate coaching effectiveness
  • Encourage collaboration and incentivize agents to go the extra mile
  • Use games to add excitement to coaching activities
  • Reward agents for successfully completing a game


NPM provides managers and supervisors with the visibility and insights related to all data (interaction, transactional, operational, behavioral, personalized per employee, and many others), so that they can coach and guide employees to achieve their best performance.

NPM drives employee engagement by focusing on the right coaching, gamification elements, and learning activities that benefit employees and make their roles more rewarding.

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Eliminate digital asset 
management challenges

Organizations are under significant pressure to meet rising consumer expectations, which requires creating new content frequently. This challenge is accompanied by high costs in content production, inefficiencies around collaboration, poor visibility into workflows and tracking, limited analytics of digital asset performance, and most importantly, a slow time to market.

Experienced with proven results across industries


Fortune 100 manuacturer

Identify who requires coaching and on what topic.

Leading hospitality group

Delivered centralized content to 70 channels.

Top retailer

Developed auto-tagging for a $1.3 billion retailer.

NPM Features:

  • Advanced reporting and visualizations
  • Advanced and personalized coaching packages
  • Broad and deep drill downs into any interactions or non-interaction-based data
  • Automated performance alerts
  • Gamification challenges and games for engaging agents and improving performance
  • Recognition via badges, leaderboards, incentives and rewards. 
  • Ability to be integrated with any other application to gather data, with OOB integrations with many of the NICE solution

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At NICE we are passionate about removing the friction between companies and consumers, creating extraordinary experiences that build brand loyalty and create unbreakable bonds.

We enable organizations to address today’s consumer and employee expectations, by delivering effortless, consistent, and personalized digital-first experiences with CXone, the world’s leading cloud CX platform.

We are known for our innovation and comprehensive end-to-end CX approach, combining digital entry points, journey orchestration, smart self-service, prepared agents and complete performance suite, all embedded with our purpose-built CX Analytics, AI, and domain. 


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