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Your open knowledge platform for sharing knowledge beyond your organisation

Digital Place for Communities is your open knowledge platform for sharing knowledge beyond your organisation. Now it’s easy for you to collaborate and share knowledge with teams, organisations and communities everywhere. Multi-agency use comes as standard!


Your knowledge platform that makes it simple to collaborate securely across teams, organisations and communities everywhere.

Quickly enable users to work together, accumulate knowledge and keep everyone informed in one place with relevant up-to-date content.

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Eliminate digital asset 
management challenges

Organizations are under significant pressure to meet rising consumer expectations, which requires creating new content frequently. This challenge is accompanied by high costs in content production, inefficiencies around collaboration, poor visibility into workflows and tracking, limited analytics of digital asset performance, and most importantly, a slow time to market.
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Open collaboration. Accumulated knowledge. Secure access.

A secure, scalable, responsive, knowledge exchange, collaboration and integration solution based on Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), offering you the next generation of intranet/extranet.

Drive engagement and harness collective knowledge in communities with a proven experience that works across boundaries, bringing people and knowledge together in one place.
  • Easily integrated: based on Liferay’s open source Digital Experience Platform.
  • Increase productivity: easily share knowledge across systems, teams, and networks.
  • Connect people and knowledge: across locations, organisations, geographies, languages.
  • Gather knowledge assets: cross-boundary sharing; global, contextual search; remove silos.
  • Knowledge streamlining: relevant, authoritative content proactively surfaced and recommended.
  • Efficient: save time and money actively re-using valuable knowledge assets.
  • Fast: ready to deploy, quick set-up, no additional development required.
  • Improved communication: single interface, multi-faceted methods, and channels, reduce email.
  • Better engagement: between individuals, groups, communities, employees, partners, and suppliers.
  • Build communities: expert community management support options to improve engagement.

Key Features:

  • User registration and social login
  • User profiles and management
  • User and community pages
  • Group membership and security
  • Community management and networks
  • Direct messaging and people finder
  • Blogs, wikis, microblogs
  • Activity streams and subscriptions
  • Libraries and document management
  • User engagement reports
  • Knowledge management support
  • Community management support

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Placecube builds open digital platforms that make your life simpler with cubes. Now your digital journey is easier, faster and better connected.


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