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Workflow and Information management

Through Open Square ECM you can easily acquire, search, archive, share and distribute your documentation.

More than a simple ECM, Open Square ECM boosts your work-flow management and your collaboration capabilities!


Open Square is the platform for "information management", starting from procurement to after-sales, from handling relations with stakeholders to production and logistics.

Easily capture documents, data and metadata from different systems such as ERP, PDM, corporate databases, file systems, spreadsheets and email.

Fill out your customers' sales orders directly in your ERP and archive them in your ECM. The data you enter in the ERP will compose the metadata of the archived document. You will be able to create logical links between the sales order and other documents simply by adding them to the attachment.

Shoot down document search times in the physical archives. Search for your document via folder search or advanced search where you can filter documents based on the rules you establish.

Specify the permissions for each work team or company role -- editing, accessing, viewing, subscribing -- for every folder and each document.

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The Enterprise Collaboration tool for your company

Open Square Spaces is the solution dedicated to sharing content that allows work teams to collaborate in real time.

Create shared spaces, Wiki and Forums and improve personal and business productivity.

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Solution Highlights:

  • Expert information presentation
  • Removal of paper archiving
  • Process normalization and rationalization
  • Extension of information to more areas
  • Formalization of processes

Company Profile

SMC was established more than 40 years ago to improve our customers' performance. We create real solutions, not just software. We do it using always the most advanced open source developing technologies.

We pay great attention to the user experience and make it easy for our solutions to be introduced and integrated into your company. We are Liferay Platinum Partner, the most reliable and evolved platform for creating business portals.


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