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Intranet in a Box -- 3 months, $100,000

This packaged solution is for Business Leadership struggling with either renewing their existing Intranet and putting themselves on a better foundation OR wishes to stand-up their first Intranet.

In both cases the client is desiring to significantly enhance their Employee Experience and have a strong foundation to improve from.


As expectations for the consumer experience continues to rise, organizations need to produce the high-quality content needed to win and retain business while generating the quantity of content required to build personalized omnichannel experiences.

To solve this challenge, Liferay has revolutionized the way brands deliver innovative customer experiences at scale with Liferay Marketplace™. This single, integrated solution unifies content planning, production, collaboration, and management.

Are you interested in implementing Liferay Marketplace™ but need the solution up and running in a fraction of the time? As a Platinum Liferay Marketplace™ Partner with Content Hub specializations in North America and EMEA, we developed Liferay Marketplace™ Advantage by EPAM.

The intelligent Open Source Search Engine

OpenK9, thanks to its open architecture, offers a set of powerful features to build your own customized search system.

Our modern and scalable architecture provides a pipeline for data ingestion, enrichment and indexing. Every part of the pipeline can easily scale to handle massive amount of data.

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Key Benefits:

Understand Root Cause of Key Problems
Often the client sponsor and stakeholders have a symptom or problem to be solved but are unclear on the root cause triggering the symptom or problem. Using Veriday’s proprietary issue based methodology, the Veriday team will uncover the facts and findings that confirm the root cause(s)
Propose Solutions
With Root Cause established, the Veriday team can propose varying solutions that can be attributed to solve the specific root cause problems at play. Veriday will also elicit stakeholder feedback to align recommendation to the considerations and constraints of the Client Environment
Comprehensive Change Plans
With root cause and solutions tabled, Veriday is in a position to recommend a comprehensive change plan comprised of short term, medium and longer term actions that allows the client select a roadmap aligned to their needs

Phases and Timeline:

  • Discovery & Pre-Planning (5 - 10 days)
  • Design (UI/UX) (10 - 20 days)
  • Implement (30 - 40 days)
  • Validate (2 weeks)
  • Deployment (1 week)
  • Warrant & Support (1 month / Ongoing)
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Company Profile

At Veriday, every employee is inspired to innovate, improve and transform digital experience, enabling client and employee engagement, through our products and services. Veriday means “Honest Day”, reflecting our passion for delivering an honest day’s work with 100% client focus.

We build award winning Marketing Software & Services. Our Marketing Platform, Digital Agent, enables financial institutions to empower their advisors to create personalized websites while maintaining brand control.




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