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Using this plugin you can import content from other platforms into Liferay using webservices.

Those other platforms from which you want to import content into Liferay should be able to expose the content using webservices or should be able to push the content in form of payload to this plugin’s webservice.

You may choose to import into Liferay Webcontents, Document and Media, Blogs, Users

In many of the portals/sites its often a requirement to integrate Liferay with some other platform to fetch the existing content from that platform to Liferay. Sometimes once during site/portal is prepared or periodically.

Using this plugin, you will simply get the powerful feature to do this content import from various platforms into liferay portal. As mentioned this feature provides two different formats to achieve this content import:
- Other platform expose its content via webservices, and this plugin will consume those webservices to import content.
- Other platform consumes this plugin’s webservice and send the content in form of payload.

This plugin also provides possibilities to import such content periodically on scheduled basis and also maintain the updation of pre-imported content.

Key features

- Content import from other platforms through web services
- Support content to be imported in Liferay Webcontents, Document and Media, Blogs, Users
- User may choose in which Liferay Site content should be imported
- Support for custom fields, categories, tags, dates
- Support for structured webcontents
- Support for fetching their Comments along with Webcontents, Document and Media, Blogs (using plugin’s Relational Feeds feature)
- XML, JSON type of response from web service is supported
- Authenticated web service can also be accessed
- Basic authentication and Hash MAC authentication are supported by plugin
- Feeds can also be scheduled for perodical content imports
- Updation of pre-imported content is supported
- History view is available to monitor the configured feeds

How to use?

- Select which import feature you want to use.
- For pull import, provide webservice information (ie. url, response type, method type, authentication details etc) , select which liferay content will get imported and then click on Test Service button .
- For push import, upload a sample file, which has sample content in same format as content that other platform will push into portal and associate that sample file and select which liferay content you want to import.
- Select node which contains repetitive content from repeater node.
- A content specific section appears under repeater node.
- Map different content specific information(for eg. Content title, author etc) from the nodes available in select boxes in front of them. These nodes are made available from web service response in case of pull import and from sample file in case of push import.
- Select any of enable, disable and schedule option from bottom of page.
- On selecting schedule option, you will get an input box for entering cron expression.
- From actions available for particular configured import, you can go to section of Configure relational imports for configuring relational imports of any particular configured import(for pull imports only).
- For configuring relational import you need to provide webservice information, select content type and click on Test Service then select repeater node and map each content specific information with respective node.
- As imports have been configured. Now for importing contents you may either schedule them by providing any cron expression or start it manully(for pull imports).
- For push import you need to provide some informations to content pushing party. These infromations appear on clicking Get import url.
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August 02, 2016
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